Monday, April 26, 2010

I don't like Sunday evenings.

I don't like Sunday evenings. It is that time of the day when, after a good nap you wake up to find out that you have lost an hour (or two) of the last day of your weekend. Then, you walk around moping and realize that there are still chores that need to be done before Monday morning. You head out to the grocery store and the gloom seems to have spread outside, too. The strip mall is deserted, all the store fronts are shuttered, Closed" signs hang limply on the doors. The curio shops are still and dark. The restaurants seem to be abuzz with activity but that too is subdued as if those out for an early supper are feeling guilty about enjoying this last part of the holiday, this last stretch of calm before the storm of the week takes over.
Then, you come back home and get busy with winding down. You are not tired enough but feel like you have to sleep early, lest your Monday morning turn into a mad rush. So you forget about your earlier misgivings and retire, ending another day, hopefully with a kiss and a smile.