Monday, May 26, 2008

So, I have decided that i will write once a week, every Monday night. At the rate that E and A are growing up, if i am not sincere in this endeavour, i will surely regret it in a few years. It is really difficult to believe sometimes that these two are my babies. They are absolutely gorgeous, in every sense of the word. E has started talking about what he wants to be when he grows up and consistently has mentioned astronaut. He is going to the moon because there is a scary monster in the moon and he is going to fight it! and then A is also going to join him in the rocket and go with him. he plays with her so well, it is adorable. the only worry i have is to make sure he plays with her gently because he cannot tell the difference between playing with her and his other friends. he hugs and kisses her all the time and wants to play with her and is quite protective of her too.but then something turns on in his small little head and he pulls her hairs or pulls at her ankle or worse, bites her! and so everytime A screams, which is very very often, we yell at E and most of the times, the poor thing is at the other end of the room.
He has been talking about girlfriends!! yeah a little early for me, but i don't think he really knows what that means. He certainly has a sly smile on his face when he says that, but if asked some more, he usually talks about something else. The other day, we were talking and i said i need a boyfriend too and he was quick to point out that i should get a manfriend not a boyfriend. he is an absolute riot. this last week he had fun with mama, nandini, and the girls. with mama he could do a lot of roughhousing and he thoroughly enjoyed it. his name for mama is Time Out Ajo.
It is cool to see how E uses language. He is always trying new words, whether he really comprehends them or not. His new word now a days is Horrible, though he says inhorrible as in "she is inhorrible". he now tells stories all the time and they all start with "once upon a time" and end with "....and they became good friends".
He is very good a music. He hums songs all day long whether it is the music of the AquaGuard machine or the beep of the elevator, he is always singing. his favourite songs now are "taare zameen par, bum bum bole, om shanti om etc". i will record him singing these songs for they change very quickly.
As for baby A, she is all of 4 months old now though she behaves like she is 6 months old! she is rolling over very well and lately she has been pushing ahead too. and boy does she like to talk! she does not like to be by herself and loves it when people talk to her. her hairs are growing beautifully and she looks like a total angel. J and C and I have named her "Archies" because she looks like those adorable babies that they have on archies cards where you see chubby cheeks, small eyes and chin and a cute nose! she is a good sport too and loves to go out in the car. she prefers to sleep on her side and that has me worried all the time. she is loud and makes sure she has everybody's attention.
the cooking is going well though need to get into a better routine. sometime things just get a little stressful and it is usually the days when i haven't had a good night's sleep. so i think i haven't really lost it yet! so i think i will get it right this time and write every week. if some thing truly cool happens midweek then ill try to get that in too.

Memory is an amazing thing, isn't it? One of my patients in Moorpark gave me a book and wrote a note on it that said, "Don't forget to make memories". I thought that was a beautiful idea indeed. We make memories every minute that we are awake but the sad thing i, we do not really recollect all of our memories whenever we want. After such a long time of just thinking about getting back to the blog, tonight i finally did it. and as i was typing the address i thought of the name My Taki and how in a span of under a year my beautiful little 2 year old E who used to say taki to everything that was his now talks about becoming an astronaut and going to the moon - and not just that now he is going there along with his sister who will drive the rocket!! When i try to remember specific things about him just a year ago, it is all foggy. yes, i have beautiful memories of certain events and things he used to say but a general feeling of what he was like has blurred. that is where letters that i have written for him and scrapbooks and pictures come really handy. they help fine tuning these beautiful moments. it is really sad that as the days go by and we make new memories, the old ones get foggier and foggier. so the best thing to do is live each moment to its fullest and enjoy each day, because it sure is not coming back.

On googling Memory i came across this site....pretty cool....