Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby update, 1 month late!!!

So the little one is 6 months old!and looking at her, it seems like she cant wait to breeze through the next 6 too! She is sitting very well now and lately has started crawling very well too. What started off as pushing with her knees to propel forward, progressed in a matter of days to crawling confidently on all fours!! and how fast! It is as if new connections are made in her brain every second. and I am sure they are. that makes it even more important to stimulate her in all ways possible by exposing her to new experiences all the time.

She has started eating semi solid food too. started off with the usual boiled and mashed apple and then to mashed rice, moong dal and today tried a combination of rice and dal with just a tad bit of salt. and she loved it!! heard a good tip from one of the other mommies and so dry roasted the dal and the rice separately, after washing them and then pulsed it in the food processor. That way it can be stored in the fridge and is easier to cook the tiny amounts that she needs to prevent wastage.I am trying to do it homemade and natural, will ward off gerbers, cerelac et al as long as I can.

Really interesting thing happened today. E and I were playing with his playdough and baby a was watching us from a higher vantage point. we were fooling around and I started to wail loudly though playfully and made sad faces and then looked at her. After looking at me for about 5 seconds the poor thing started to cry in such a heart wrenching manner that I didn't know whether to be amazed at her reaction or smack myself for making her cry. but it was really cool!! since e's birth I have read a couple of very good books on the brain development in babies and i am amazed to see all those theories being acted out for real! She certainly mirrored the emotion that she saw on my face!